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Air Conditioning in Healdsburg, CA

We are a local and trusted HVAC company providing air conditioning service in Healdsburg, CA. Our services include AC repair, new installation, replacement and maintenance. You can trust us to know the fine details which make up an efficient, reliable air conditioning system. Our extensive industry experience makes us a leading AC Contractor in Healdsburg, CA that you can trust for your home and business cooling requirements.

Our happy customers also attest to our stellar service. If you know nothing else about us except the reviews from our customers, you'll be sold on them alone. We bring an extreme attention to detail to every job we do. Air conditioning is an art form to us, and providing industry best cooling solutions is what we're all about.

Air Conditioning Repair in Healdsburg, CA

If air conditioning maintenance has been neglected, installation done poorly, or you have a cooling system that is getting up there in years, the day will come when repair work is needed. Lunt Heating & Air Conditioning has fast response times to your urgent AC repair needs, and our technicians come stocked with many of the parts required to fix your system right away. We fix all makes and models of equipment. No matter what the brand or age, we're right at home and will repair your air conditioner to manufacturer specifications.

AC Installation

It is way too common to hear of a homeowner paying an AC contractor, only to find out later that the job wasn't done right. There are a lot of details that make up a good AC installation. Installing a new air conditioner or furnace is something to be handled by the pros. Many things can complicate an installation, resulting in lost efficiency and performance. Don't risk your investment in new equipment with a technician who doesn't have the experience and industry credentials you can trust.

With an older building here in Mendocino Avenue, it seems like every summer there is a cooling problem and every winter a heating issue. It's probably time to replace the equipment on our roof, but it will be expensive ...

Lunt Heating has helped us out a number of times with fast friendly service and excellent problem solving.

Our last event was no heat while we were going through a spell of 30 degree temps ... our tenants were quite unhappy, but Lunt Heating was here fast and made the repairs we needed ... happy tenants again !!!
Don R. - Santa Rosa, CA

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Air Conditioning in Healdsburg, CA
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