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Heating & Air conditioning in Petaluma, CA

Lunt Heating & Air Conditioning provides HVAC services in Petaluma, CA for residential and commercial customers. Our licensed staff performs outstanding heating & cooling services. Our free estimates for new equipment installations, as well as our competitive pricing for installation and repair services make it easy for customers to love our services.


Whether you are in need of heating installation or furnace repair, Lunt Heating & Air Conditioning can quickly help you out. We are licensed & specialize in heating in Petaluma, CA. We have years of industry experience & training. We approach each new client and each new project as a brand new challenge.

Furnace Repair in Petaluma, CA

We have furnace Repair technicians you can count on. When temperatures drop, your furnace breaking down is a serious issue. Lunt Heating & Air Conditioning's licensed heating repair technicians in Petaluma, CA are ready to offer prompt heating repair service, so your heating system can be up in running as soon as possible.

Heating Installation & Replacement

Complete malfunction isn't the only reason you might need heating service. Your heating system might simply not be working properly anymore, for example if it keeps cycling on and off; if it consumers too much energy; or if it heats inconsistently. Other signs it could need repair or replacement include diminished air quality and unusual noises emitting from the heating unit.

Unless you're a licensed heating specialist, it's really not wise to try to repair your unit yourself. Most heating systems are complicated appliances, and one single mistake could have consequences that range from more damage to the system to injuring yourself to putting your family and property in danger.

The smart thing to do is to call the team of heating experts at Lunt Heating & Air Conditioning.

Air Conditioning Services

Whether it's a new installation or an air conditioning repair in Petaluma, CA we can help you. As a leading air conditioning contractor we strive for quality work and customer satisfaction. You can count on us for all of your air conditioning services in Petaluma, CA.

Routine AC maintenance is a critical element to ensuring you get the most out of your equipment. If your equipment is running continuously, that could be a sign of a more serious problem - Not to mention, with rising utility costs if your air conditioner is running all the time, it gets expensive.

Most people don't think about their air conditioner until it's broken, you may be surprised at the amount of time and money that a little foresight can save you. Keeping your energy usage and associated costs as low as you can could be as simple as working with the best contractor for regular air conditioning service.

Stellar service from beginning to end. At the first quote, they were very thorough and took the time to explain the options for a new heating system and what the possibilities meant for me. In addition, they are very responsive. They weren't the lowest quote, but in a reasonable ballpark. But the thoroughness of the conversation and initial work made me feel like it was worth the extra. My heater and air conditioning coil were installed in a day, and they were all courteous, efficient and mindful of cleanliness. After the install, I wasn't sure about a few things and they were quick to respond and take care of me. This is exactly what I look for in a company: quality and ethical work and reasonable pricing. I was quickly put at ease with the install and am happy to have worked with them.
Genevieve D.

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