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Air Conditioning in Sonoma, CA

We started with a passion for mastering cost effective cooling solutions for Sonoma homeowners. AC repair, maintenance and installation service that you can rely on to be the best in the industry. We know that when you need air conditioning service in the middle of summer, you need it fast! Beat the heat with Lunt Heating & Air Conditioning. As a leading air conditioning company for the Sonoma area, we specialize in not only service and repair, but new installations and replacements featuring top-of-the-line AC products.

AC Repair

Fast air conditioning repair in Sonoma, CA is what Lunt Heating & Air Conditioning is known for! Our technicians are skilled, and will quickly assess any air conditioning problem you may have, and perform AC repair quickly, protecting your time and money. We help customers become more efficient, with reliable cooling that provides reliable service to keep you cool in the Sonoma heat!

With an older building here in Mendocino Avenue, it seems like every summer there is a cooling problem and every winter a heating issue. It's probably time to replace the equipment on our roof, but it will be expensive ...

Lunt Heating has helped us out a number of times with fast friendly service and excellent problem solving.

Our last event was no heat while we were going through a spell of 30 degree temps ... our tenants were quite unhappy, but Lunt Heating was here fast and made the repairs we needed ... happy tenants again !!!
Don R. - Santa Rosa, CA

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Air Conditioning in Sonoma, CA
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